Jul 18, 2008

New Release !!

Hi All!
'Four Dimentions Twist Part 2' is putting out on July 11 2008!
Suzuki Junzo Join 3 tracks in This Compilation Album from Roman Records[JPN].

Four DimenTinos Twist part.2 is out 7/11/2008!!

there are four artist joining in this compilation.

-Yamaguchi Takanobu
-Eddie Marcon
and Me.

If you have some interest in this CD, please email me!

You can see the detail from the link below.

Jul 17, 2008

Fast Last Night

Karl Richey/S.T.

Karl Richey/S.T.[1969]

Thanks For Coming Friday's Nasca Car @ Earthdom & Sunday's Miminokoto @ Rooster North side! I enjoyed both show very much! I play guitar in Nasca Car after a long time! Very Excited!

Between these gigs, although I was very busy, since there was slight time, I put this record on my turntable and listened.

This was recorded and released from private label of San Francisco in 1969. Pure folk blues with strong picking of acoustic guitar and bitter moods of tone of voice. The photograh of this Jacket is my kind! Deep sepia of the shade is very wonderful.

In the bright morning light, I drinking coffee and try to calm my poor heart down.

Jul 16, 2008

July's upcoming GIG!

Hi it's been a long time since last time I posted here..ohhh..
Thanks a lot for your coming to 7/11's Nasca Car's show and 7/13's MIMINOKOTO's show and 7/16's My solo set!!

I enjoy a lot to play each bands! Same period, Acid Mothers Temple Summer Fes In Tokyo was took place, off course I enjoy drinking AMT crew all through these nights!!

I have 1 gig at the end of this month.
I play Bowing and same kind of Drone-Noise Guitar with ASTRO and TOMO.
Detail is below.

July.31 (THU) @ UFO CLUB Koenji TOKYO
URL: http://www.ufoclub.jp/
[Acid Mothers Temple Presents Seven That Spells 'BLACK OM RISING' JAPAN TOUR 2008]
c/w Seven That Spells, The Dead Pan Speakers, Fukuro, Ome Zombie + Masatsugu Hattori (from Ryusenkei body)
Open 18:30 Start 19:00 Adv:2000 yen + 1 Drink Day: 2300 yen + 1 Drink
Seven That Spells' BLACK OM RISING JPN tour 2008

We Share stage with Croatian Psychederic Band 'Seven That Spells'! If you near, please check this out!!!

Jul 8, 2008

Mad John's Escape

Donovan/A Gift From A Flower To A Garden

Donovan/A Gift From A Flower To A Garden

In tokyo, Summer is comnpletely started..
There is full of Evil heat...oh man..I hate summer very much. please dissapear as soon as possible! I desperately in need of Autumn coming...

anyway, in the summer, I feel like listening some Donovan's record. I love donovan's music very much.
Todau I put this album on my turn table. This album released in 1967 in UK, but US release was in 1968..Moreover released in seperate edition..(For little one,Wear your love like heaven..off course I have both!)

I think This record is Best works of his carrer. (Off Course HMS is my favorite, Too!) This was some kind of Roots for 70's British folk I think.

When this record is ended, off course I would like to listen Heron's 1st album.

Jun 30, 2008

Alle Sorelle Ritrovate

Antonietta Laterza/Alle Sorelle Ritrovate
(Cramps-Strange Days/POCE-1181/CD)

Antonietta Laterza/Alle Sorelle Ritrovate

This record released in 70's from CRAMPS Label.
Japanese Label called 'Strange Days Record' re-issued some Beaytiful catalog of Cramps label last year.

I have some titles of this Italy label, Derek Bailey, Cornelius Cardew blah blah...
This Record is long-time-wanted item for me, so I bought this CD.

Some kind of document recordings in Feminist meeting.
I cannot understand her lyrics, But Her song and guitar are full of appeal power, and have been drawn involuntarily.

Jun 18, 2008

My only weapon is my

Sly & The Family Stone/There's A Riot Goin' On

Sly & The Family Stone/There's A Riot Goin' On

One morning I browsed Internet, There was unbelievable news came into my eyes. Sly & The Family Stone's GIG would be take place in JAPAN this autumn...Oh man!!!

I could not get the ticket, so I put there cds after a long time.
In my student era, My Favorite Sly's stuff is 'FRESH'. but now, 'There's a riot goin' on' is completely blowing my mind.

There is full of Depth of densityand,Feeling of a blockade in An unusual feeling of tension. and I can feel 'Silence'-It will be omitted intentionally in 'FRESH' all around in this album.

Contrast of Very Cheerful Tour photos in booklet and The Star-Spangled Banner which spread seems to be very uncanny to me.

When I ask 'What is your favorite song in this album?' , No doubt, I always answer the song 'Poet'.

Jun 15, 2008

Mellow My Mind

Niel Young/Tonight's The Night

Niel Young/Tonight's The Night

I Have no opinion the way most people do. Everybody Knows and Understand what they should and would be. Maybe It didn't mean nothing to me and off course Things is always the same to me in future, either. In The Darkest night, even Somewhat as we called, Feelings of Sorrow, Illusion and Anxiety is desperately in need of someting Bright 'that is likely to be saved'.

I walked alone and drifted in uncrowded Shibuya Street at night. It remainds me of this record.